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"Today's Web analytics is a direct channel to the pulse of the Website visitor... a real-time look at visitor habits, preferences, impulses, and what it takes to make them customers and keep them as customers. In other words, Web analytics is 'visitor intelligence.' "



Web Analytics Association

December 2006


Measured Success... Realized Profits

Web marketing analytics is the doorway into evaluating and monitoring the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. It gives us the opportunity to measure and study the behavior of the visitors coming to your website. Our state of the art tracking and analytic tools enable us to interpret this behavior so that we can see what is working and what is not. Our Web Marketing Analytics is the backbone of our Organic Search Engine Optimization Services and Paid Search Marketing Services.


AIM's Web Marketing Analytics Service allows us to provide our clients with an insightful analysis into how their site is perceived and used, including how visitors find the site, where they go and how long they stay, as well as many other factors. This information lends insight into the inner workings of the site and marketing campaign and can be viewed in an easy to read, detailed report that can be accessed at any time online.


Whether you are a business owner or marketing specialist, choosing to go with Organic Search Engine Optimization or Paid Search Marketing Services or a combination of both, we will customize the analytic reports to cater to your web marketing needs.


Our Web Marketing Analytic Services include...

  • Separate tracking of Organic Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search Marketing Campaigns

  • Comparison of Organic Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search Marketing Campaigns

  • Conversion Tracking for Organic Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search Marketing Campaigns

  • Monitoring of keywords' effectiveness in drawing your target audience

  • Monitoring of your site’s ranking with the major search engines

  • Click Fraud campaign monitoring for Paid Search Marketing Campaigns
  • Tracking of cost and revenue generated by visitors

  • Demographic tracking of your target audience


Keeping up with the trends

Having access to analytic information is like having a crystal ball. By tracking and monitoring your visitors' behavior, we can determine which strategies are delivering the best results and make changes to the ones that are not. Continual monitoring of this information allows us to make adjustments to your marketing strategy in order to keep up with the evolving trends of your market and provide you with a higher return on internet investment (ROII).


We love to talk about web marketing analytics. If you want to know more about how it works, please don't hesitate to ask.


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